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Woocommerce filter by meta fields

From v.2.2.1/1.2.1 it is possible to make filtering of products using products meta fields data. Extension been created to allow users do filtering for products by: _width, _height, _length, _weight. Firstly you should add meta keys in tab Meta Data Set view (slider,text,checkbox,drop-down,multi-drop-down) for your meta and type (text, number) of data. For example for… read more

Exclude backordered

Exclude products with On Backorder. View on the front: checkbox. From v.2.2.1/1.2.1  

WOOF by Category

Created by: kaggdesign WOOF by Category is a WooCommerce Product Filter (WOOF) extension, which allows user to set up different WOOF filters in different categories. Plugin has options page on the backend, to setup relationships between any WooCommerce product category and any set of WOOF filters. Only selected filters will be shown on the selected category… read more

Featured products

In featured products checkbox in the search form when it’s necessary From v.1.1.8/2.1.8  

Quick Search

This JavaScript extension (from v.1.1.8/v.2.1.8) is created for superfast product searching of products like in catalog mode using pre-defined and custom templates only. Its like standalone application which works by its own rules with ZERO requests to data base, but on the same has nearly the same logic power as standard WOOF search forms. There… read more

WooCommerce Product Table

Connector for Index: tpl_woo_table Example: [woof_products per_page=8 is_ajax=0 tpl_index=tpl_woo_table] AFTER installation and activation of this extension you can find its settings in: tab Extensions -> tab EXT-APPLICATIONS OPTIONS ATTENTION: For more detailed information please read this article from the producer of the ‘WooCommerce Product Table’ plugin

Products Messenger

Products Messenger allows to the shop registered and logged-in users subscribe on the filtered products results and got emails if the new products are found by their request. Good for the shop marketing as attracts more customers after they left the shop and subscribed. Subscribe form can be included in the seacrh form directly so… read more


Goal: Shows taxonomies terms on the site front as images Representation: images Path: ext/image PHP class: WOOF_EXT_IMAGE Type: html_type Html type: image Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: multi Shortcodes: — Attention for users who using WPML on the site for products: default extension doesn work with WPML correctly as its save options for one language only – current…. read more


Goal: Provides range slider for product attributes or/and taxonomies. For example for the attribute size. Representation: ion range-slider Path: ext/slider PHP class: WOOF_EXT_SLIDER Type: html_type Html type: slider Index: — Type dynamic recount behavior: multi Shortcodes: —